In Progress: Graduate Thesis

Implementation of New Infrastructures in Cities: A Case Study of Parklets

Spring 2013

Ethnography and Archival Research: A Grounded Theory Approach

Mitigating Social Tension on Public Buses: The Reason Behind the “Musical Chairs”

Innovation, Design, and Usability

Usability Report: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau “Paying for College” Web Application

Sustainability: Foundations, Technology, and Design

A Truly Sustainable Olympics: The Potential of New Technology and the Obstacle of Growth

A Sustainable Death: A Look at Green Burials (presentation slides only)

Sustainable Highways: The Boulevard (presentation slides only)

Sustainable Packaging: New Packaging Technologies (presentation slides only)

Fall 2012

Infrastructure Studies

Research Proposal: Sustainable Implementation of New Infrastructures in Cities: A Look at Parklets Through Classification Systems, Controversy Studies and Boundary Objects

Research Seminar: Media & the 2012 Election

Research Proposal: Appropriate Design: A Look At Responses to Voter Disenfranchisement in the 2012 Presidential Election

Research proposal to study appropriate design using design thinking methodology

Spring 2012

Fundamentals of Technology

The Mobile Harvest: De-Blackboxing the Technology and the Social Shapers of the Mobile Slaughterhouse

The Mobile Harvest Brochure

The Mobile Harvest poster

How to Predict the Futures

The Future of the Oakland Economy

FALL 2011

Intro to Communication, Culture and Technology

New Media and Politics

Problem, Question, Methods, Answers/Analysis response paper to Dr. Diana Owen’s September 27, 2011 lecture, “New Media and Politics.” This paper analyzes, in PQMA format, the issue of building an effective media campaign to organize existing support for a third political party in the United States.

New Media and Journalism

My PQMA – Problem, Question, Methods, Answers/Analysis response paper to Dr. Kim Meltzer’s October 4, 2011 lecture, “New Media and Journalism.” This paper analyzes, in PQMA format, the issue of unreported sexual assaults of female journalists on the job.

The Diffusion of Technology From Up to Down and Top to Bottom

A look at how the successful diffusion of technology depends on analyzing each situation from an interdisciplinary perspective in order to understand the unique environment of each community.

Mobile App Project

Final Paper and Presentation

Persuasion and Influence

A Mob To Fill The Gap: Persuasion Capabilities of Carrotmob Campaigns Aimed At Increasing Healthy Food in Low-Income D.C. Wards

The Future of Persuasion: A Look at New Technologies and New Techniques (presentation slides only)

New Media: Innovation, Community and Dissidence

No Longer Strangers: The Potential of Social Media As A Tool For Cultivating Cross-Cultural Understanding (updated February 2013)

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